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From your loved one's mouth to your family's ears...

Hear their life story come alive in their own words,

real voice, and genuine emotions.


Discover how our audiobook, video, and hardcover book memoir sets beautifully preserve a loved one's life story for generations to come.

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Joyous, revealing, and purposeful, Memoir Lane Studio memoirs authentically capture the lively, funny, courageous, and heartwarming storytelling conversations told 'round the Thanksgiving table.

Preserve family favorite stories that never grow old. Learn things about your loved one you've never known before. Future generations will get to intimately know your loved one, too. How magical is that? 

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Discovering your family tree is illuminating.
Sharing legacy stories with future generations takes family history to an intimate new level.
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Memoir Lane Studio

We are an immersive storytelling studio that produces beautifully authentic memoir sets: audiobooks, books, and videos. Easy, fun, and fast, your memoir set can be completed in as little as four weeks. Your family's privacy is honored every step of the way.

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Mom, Baby, Spot, or You?

Whose life should be celebrated with a memoir? Preserve the legacy of a parent(s), 

an ill loved one, or your own life.

We also feature mini-memoirs that commemorate a special period of time, such as a baby's first year, a retiree's career, or the life of a beloved pet.

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Our Mission for You

Founded by immersive storyteller Mark Schneider, Memoir Lane is on a mission to make family legacy storytelling a priority for every family. Discover why preserving family history is more joyful,

more purposeful, and more important

than most of us realize.

Reading Dad's life story is beautiful. Hearing him narrate it is magical!—Diana F

 Storytelling is the Lifeblood of Every Family's History

Improve Family Bonding

Connect the Past to the Present

Provide Life Lessons to Kids

Reading a book

Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear your great-great-grandparents proudly and emotionally tell their life stories?

Many of us plan on writing our story someday, but someday never arrives. When a relative passes, parts of their lives remain a mystery forever. Many families look back in regret wishing they had recorded  "grandpa's legacy." Enter the Memoir Lane Studio.

There's no time like the present to prioritize preserving your family's history.


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