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Our Mission: Make Legacy Storytelling a Priority for Every Family.

From 2020 to 2022,  Memoir Lane Studio was a grassroots, word-of-mouth business.  Methodical, steady growth provided an intelligent roadmap for the future,

including the need to expand our team. 

We are now proudly partnering with Lifestory Memoir. Founded by Richard Squires, LifeStory Memoir has produced dozens of memoir sets and brings the team extraordinary talent, passion, and experience.

Their work is featured in the portfolio section.

Collectively, we are a passionate group of storytellers with diverse talents and a collective goal of making life and legacy storytelling a priority for every family.

Family taking a selfie
Image by Xavier Mouton Photographie
I was absolutely blown away by this book on my dad. I feel it makes the best gift and I want to share Memoir Lane with my friends.
—Bonnie D.
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Founder, Creative Director,

& Schtoryteller 

Mark's had a storybook career as a multi-media storyteller, writer, producer, video director, and executive creative director. He has interviewed hundreds of folks from all walks of life (for various media): celebrities, cancer patients, Autism icons, dog lovers, Elvis fanatics, brain surgeons, Muhammed Ali's entourage, and more. ​


He spent most of his career developing national advertising and marketing campaigns for over one-third of the Fortune 1000 and startups around the globe. He also launched two national creative divisions, where he mentored hundreds of creative folks: writers, journalists, art directors, designers, and producers. He was mentored by and has worked with a number of celebrated storytellers, TV directors, editors, musicians, and entertainment icons. His TV commercial stories have aired on the Academy Awards, Super Bowls, and Grammys.

Today, he's focused on his true calling: legacy storytelling. Memoir Lane combines his storytelling experience with his deep desire to impact people's lives. Beyond Memoir Lane, Mark teaches legacy storytelling to aspiring writers and engages in healing storytelling with cancer survivors. He was also a strategic advisor to Memory Well, a health-focused storytelling company in D.C. 

 A true renaissance man, David heads up business development and design services for Memoir Lane Studio. What separates him from other business development folks are his affinities as a family man and a natural

connector of people.


David is passionate about helping families realize the joys and generations-long benefits associated with preserving family history—including our beloved pets— through life storytelling.  His expansive design experience and style—still influenced by studying art and architecture in Rome—translates beautifully to heritage book and website design. 

David is also the founder of Kale Design, a multifaceted boutique that's been in business since 1980. When he isn't working, David enjoys spending quality time with his family, creating artistic masterpieces, and working in the vegetable garden.



Business Development 

& Design Lead


LifeStory Memoir Founder &  Memoirist

Richard Squires is an author, writing instructor, editor, and publisher who writes people’s memoirs in their own words, creating a legacy that families cherish for generations.


Richard has written many books for families celebrating their loved ones’ fascinating lives. Clients include Holocaust survivors, war veterans, immigrants, business moguls, doctors, a baker, film directors, activists, Foreign Service officers, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, spouses, and more.


Richard, who has two master's degrees in writing, worked in corporate communications for many years before becoming a writing professor.


In 2015, his grandfather, a World War II veteran, asked Richard to write his memoir. The experience was so fulfilling that Richard was inspired to create LifeStory, the perfect union between his passion for writing and storytelling with his love of family and history.


Andrea Elovson has been a documentary television producer, writer, and editor for over a decade. Her shows have aired on networks and public television including ABC News, CNN, The Discovery Channel, New York Times Television, WGBH, WHYY and WNYT. Andrea has conducted dozens of interviews with a wide array of people from celebrities, writers and politicians to migrant workers, teen community organizers, activists for the deaf and inner-city mothers transitioning to first-time motherhood.


Andrea’s interviewing style is warm and engaging, and incorporates humor whenever appropriate. As an editor, she is keenly aware of which questions will elicit the most engaging answers in her interviewees. She is a firm believer in the power of oral histories to strengthen familial ties, impart life lessons and capture the storyteller’s true essence for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.  


Andrea lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband, her three “perfectly-imperfect” teenagers and their dog, Sully. In her free time, Andrea enjoys oil-painting, horseback riding, biking, hiking, and working towards her goal of being able to solve the New York Times Saturday crossword puzzle by her sixtieth birthday. 


Writer & Storytelling Guide


Producer & Editor

Sonia Schnee is an AVID Certified professional video editor with over ten years of experience editing videos for various industries and clients.


Passionate about storytelling from a young age, she weaves together videos, photos, graphics, music, and sound effects to highlight the best of her subjects, capturing not only what they do but who they are in informative, entertaining, and affecting ways. 


Sonia graduated from Dartmouth College in 2009 with a B.A. in High Honors in Film and Media Studies.


Prior to starting her own video production company, she worked on numerous short films, music videos, feature-length documentaries, and television programs in New York and New Jersey. Her professional journey has included work in the nonprofit news world as well as HBO, Inc. 

Ana Delcourt is a writer, editor, educator, and graphic designer. She was an English professor for nearly a decade before leaving to pursue writing and editing full time. She writes short stories, poetry, and is hard at work on her first novel. 

Storytelling is at the heart of everything she does. She has worked as a producer for The Moth, taught storytelling workshops to kids, college students, and adults, was the Editor-in-Chief for Stonecoast Literary Review, and writes regularly for Love Wisconsin, which features human interest stories from around the state of Wisconsin. 

Ana earned her Bachelor's from the University of Wisconisn in 2010 where she studied Anthropology and Folklore. She then went on to earn an M.F.A in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine. 

In her free time, Ana is an avid baker, gardener, musician, painter, reader, cook, and traveler. She lives in Madison, WI, with her husband, daughter, 2 cats, and robot vacuum. 

Delcourt Headshot.JPEG


Editor & Graphic Designer

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Richard Squires-LifeStory Memoir is the book-writing arm of Memoir Lane Studio. With experience writing dozens of memoirs - from Holocaust Survivors and veterans to entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, parents, and grandparents - LifeStory Memoir is excited to help you memorialize your life's most important moments for the people who matter to you the most.


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