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Discover Why a Memoir Lane Gift Set
is Literally the Gift of a Lifetime 

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  1. Your Free Guide to Preserving a Loved One's Legacy
  2. Memoir Lane Gift Certificate
  • Discover why 73% of retirees and 85% of young adults say that passing on stories and advice is more important than gifting and receiving family money.

  • Learn how a loved one's life story comes alive in their own words,  real voice, and genuine emotions.

  • Discover why a Memoir Lane Gift Set enables future generations to get to know, really know, love, and understand an ancestor they may never meet in person.

  • ​In this easy-to-read guide, you will read about the process that we at Memoir Lane use to create a unique memoir for your loved one, the incredible benefits that memoirs like ours can offer your family, and testimonials from clients.

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Martina H., CA

Thank you so much for your hard work on this project. My parents were at ease with you and appreciated your patience greatly.”

Barbara K., NY

What a lovely tribute to both of your parents this memoir is. I’ve had such a nostalgic weekend reading through it and seeing all the wonderful old photos. So many happy memories! I especially loved the photo from your wedding, and the family pictures from when you were growing up.”

Sara H., NJ

“As I read, I could literally hear my father speaking to me—they were his words in his voice.”
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