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Multimedia Memoirs 

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Audiobooks, books, and ebooks are part of every package. Since producing a video has many variables, a customized video can be added to any memoir set.

What Type of  Story Do You Want to Tell?

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There are periods in life so magical, they deserve to be celebrated forever: Preserve the magical life of a baby's first year or a retiree's career. Celebrate a couple's 40th anniversary or the life and times of a beloved pet.


Featuring the family favorite stories told time and again around the Thanksgiving table, this package features a loved one's most memorable and meaningful life stories. The featured narrative audiobook authentically captures a loved one's own words, real voice and true emotions.


This package follows a "life story" model, from birth to the present day. While legacy essentials can follow a linear timeline, it can also model an "episodic" style that recalls seminal events woven together to create a compelling life story. 


The full journey invites up to three members of a family to join the main storyteller on their recorded journey. Akin to a multi-generational Thanksgiving dinner, this option is rich in laughter, questions, and varied points of view. 

Priceless Memories
Affordably Priced 

A plan to meet every project size and budget. 

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Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you


    Audiobook & Ebook
    Valid for 2 months
    • Free Planning Guide
    • 2 Interview Hours
    • 10 Chapter Audiobook with Music
    • 10 Chapter EBook (Basic Editing) + 10 Photos
    • Upgrades: Additional Chapters, More Editing, More Photos
  • Best Legacy Stories

    Audiobook + EBook + Hardcover Book
    • Planning Guide
    • Blueprint Development Zoom Session
    • 4 One-Hour Interview Phone or Zoom Sessions (Your Choice)
    • 15 Chapter Audiobook with Your Choice of Music
    • 15 Chapter Ebook w/15 Photos & Level 2 Editing
    • 15 Chapter Hardcover Book w/ 15 Photos & Level 2 Editing
    • Upgrade Option 1: Descript Video Interview Sessions
    • Upgrade Option 2: More Chapters, More Editing, More Photos
  • Legacy Essentials

    Chronological Birth to Today Legacy Storytelling
    Valid for 3 months
    • Planning Guide
    • 2 Blueprint Planning Sessons on Zoom
    • 6 Hours of Video Interview Sessions on Descript
    • Series of Project Status Meetings on Zoom
    • 20 Audiobook Chapters with Your Favorite Music
    • 20 Ebook Chapters with 20 Photos & Tier 1B Editing
    • 20 Hardcover Book Chapters wiht 20 Photos & Tier 1B Editing
    • Upgrade Options: 20-30 Minute Memoir Video Shot Via Descipt
    • Upgrade Options: More Audio & Book Chapters & More Photos
  • 3D Legacy Journey

    Watch, Hear & Read: Premier Legacy Memoir Library
    Valid for 3 months
    • One Hour Legacy Documentary Film: High End Production
    • 20+ Chapter Audiobook with all the Bells & Whistles
    • 20+ Chapter Ebook with 25+ Photos
    • 20+ Chapter Hardcover Book: High-End Production
    • 4- One-Hour Planning Sessions
    • Ongoing Revisions
    • Storyboard Development
    • In-Depth Review of Photos, Videos & Memorabilia

A-La Carte Services
We offer a range of video solutions to match your budget and dreams.

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Begin with a standard plan. Then customize your memoir with our a la carte services to meet the needs of your unique project!

  • Additional interview time

  • Additional editing time

  • More photographs

  • More design elements

  • More books

  • A highlight reel

  • More

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