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A Very Rich Life: Audiobook & Book Memoir Set


In Loving Honor of Richard D.,

The Man Who Inspired the Launch Memoir Lane Studio

Here are excerpts from his moving memoir set: 

Gene Kolber Story:
Rock 'n' Roll's Radio & TV Pioneer

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Gene Kolber—AKA Gene Kaye— is one of Rock 'n' Roll's most influential radio, TV, and promotional pioneers. His story is a true rags to riches story that demonstrates the power of a pioneering spirit. From a poor New Jersey family living through the depression, to one of America's most renowned radio DJ's, Kolber's life is full of amazing stories about celebrity, music, and family. He has truly lived the American Dream.

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Stephen Eisner: Building a Life Memoir Set
(Created by Richard Squires:

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Grand Memoir (Momoir) Audiobook & Book Set
How French Music Ignited Vivid Storytelling  

Life on the Line: My Journey from
Communist Ukraine to the American Dream

(Created by Richard Squires:

Born January 14, 1951, in Chernovtsy, Ukraine, Alan has truly achieved the American Dream. Raised in an atmosphere still traumatized by World War II, dedicated to education and self-improvement in a communist land short on opportunity, Alan decided to brave the unknown and lead his family to America. Despite great obstacles, with dogged perseverance and self-belief, Alan paved his own unique road to success. Alan's story is an American story. 

Alive With Cancer: Podcast Compilation

CancerLife is one of the inspirations for Memoir Lane. Director of Marketing, Mark, interviewed dozens of cancer patients. The audio is a compilation story featuring snippets from some of the most powerful "Staying Alive with Cancer" stories that the community shared with each other.

Young in Heart and Mind

(Created by Richard Squires:

Born November 28, 1928, in Brooklyn, New York, Estelle is a formidable firecracker of a woman, the kind of person who walks into the room and lightens it up with her beauty, wit, kindness, and can-do attitude. After growing up poor during the Depression, she married the love of her life. Together, they founded a jewelry business that their grandchildren now run. This is the rags to riches memoir of a great woman whose strength, positivity, and loving spirit led her to achieve the American Dream.

Estelle young2_edited.jpg

For the Life of Me: Audiobook Excerpts from Randi R. 

Little Princess & Blond Angel: From Italy to New Jersey

(Created by Richard Squires:

Raised in different Italian cities, Elisa and Gustavo were forced to brave hardships and trauma with the onset of World War II. Hunger, violence, and the Nazi presence tested their families' resolve. Following the war, Gustavo, a sergeant in the Italian Air Force, met a kindred spirit in Elisa, a hairdresser in her family salon. The two married and began their adventure by emigrating to New Jersey. Today, they enjoy their retirement surrounded by generations of family.

Real Doggie Tales: Audio Compilation

If you are a dog lover, you'll find this audio compilation quite moving. Mark's experience interviewing dog lovers who adopted rehomed dogs inspired our Pet Mini-Memoir product.  Celebrating the life of a beloved four-legged family member is an experience of a lifetime.

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